My Hates

So, I’ve got my faves, and now I need the hates. Here goes, and I hope you survive.

Least Favorite: . . .

-Body Feature: My nose. It’s huge, and always oily, and I hate it.

-Color: Neon yellow and poop brown. There’s no explanation needed.

-Celeb: There is a slut out there who shouldn’t have been born into this world, and her husband dissed Taylor Swift. Congrats, you guessed it, Kim Kardashian. She’s the worst.

-Singer: Hmm. Oh, Nicki Minaj. I don’t care if she has a heart of gold, but have you heard Anaconda? (I haven’t even watched the video, and I’ve only heard about 20 seconds of her song.)

-Pet Peeve: When somebody crosses my line of teasing. Usually, I just brush it off, but if it’s rude enough, I get to say my favorite, fiercest words ever. Shut up. And I love that it kind of shocks the boys, cause they’re like, whoa, when did she become brave? I also love the sense of power I get when I say it. Cause they’re going to start taking me a little bit more seriously.


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