How I Chose My Name

So, I know my blog isn’t that popular, but I should still tell you guys. So, I love how LoveYaLana sounded, that’s one of the reasons. But also, there’s a more deeper thought going into my name. I’m going to use a tagline from my bestie’s website: “Good People are Bad People who haven’t been caught.” So, I’m saying that also, everyone has hate inside of them. Kind people hate unkindness. Helpful people hate unhelpfulness. And so on. A everyone knows, I’ve got a lot of hate inside me. For those popular kids. But anyway, I’ve got more love than hate in my body. I have love for my besties, and my family. And I wanted to express my love in my name. So, my name basically means, “Love ya!” – Lana.

P. S. Check out my friend’s website!


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